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Data Recovery

Losing access to critical files can kill a small business in days. Would you prefer complete peace of mind and an instant recovery from any issues? With our online data backup services, you won’t have to worry!

With Res-Q, you needn’t worry about your files any longer. By taking every one of your important documents, media files and archives off site to a data storage facility, you will be able to retrieve it all, no matter what the emergency. Whether it is vital business correspondence, your baby photos, the family’s favourite song or an entire library of images, offsite data storage is guaranteed to keep you safe.

  • Protection against any disaster in your office
  • Secure, bombproof data centre to hold your data
  • Backup automatically, with professional monitoring
  • All types of data backed up with minimum hassle
  • Immediate restoration and recovery from any issues

Offsite Data Storage

We employ simple, easy to use online data backup software, and our services start from just $5 per month. We also monitor your online data backup process professionally, to correct any initial issues and keep you apprised of any developments.

Keep the things which matter safe, thanks to data backup in Perth. Contact us today for online data backup, and you could be up and running in minutes:

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